A Little to the Left: Seeing Stars is the second expansion for cozy clean-up puzzler A Little to the Left and is coming to Switch on June 25th, 2024.

Seeing Stars is all about multiple solutions. Collect up to 100 stars as you discover the logic behind a multitude of ways to tidy up the house. Fold, flap, crush, join, stick, bounce, stack, strum, and lovingly smash your way through 38 new levels layered with both easy-to-find solutions, as well as more challenging puzzles. There are some extra cute visitors who will make an appearance as well.

With multiple solutions in the spotlight, all A Little to the Left players will be able to enjoy an upgraded hints system on 25 June, too, offering in-game hints for every possible solution across all existing puzzles, whether you’ve bought any of the DLC or not!

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