An indie team led by Céline Veltman (Hidden Folks, the Merlies) announced the adorable space sandbox ‘Curiosmos’ at today’s Wholesome Direct! The game is currently planned to launch on Switch early next year!

Outer space never looked so cute! Curiosmos is a whimsical cosmic sandbox game where you design a solar system from the ground up.

Collide stardust and asteroids to make a new planet. Once the planet is large enough you can zoom in and play around on the surface. Experiment with shaping the land and weather. Your planet will be curiously watching as you discover how to create clouds, rain, thunder, mountains, volcanoes and even add a sprinkle of life.

Fill up your solar system with many more planets and moons and go out to explore the asteroid belt. Be in charge of creating a friendly neighbourhood for your sun!

Meanwhile, only a few light-years away, an insatiable black hole is planning to devour your sun – but with the help of a little lost satellite, you might just save the solar system. Discover the secrets of the universe in an adorable ode to the beauty of outer space!

Things to do in space

💫 Create your own solar system

🪐 Add planets, moons & hunt for asteroids!

🛰️ Make friends with a cute robot ✌︎

⛈️ Play with weather! Make clouds, rain, thunder, snow.. tornadoes?

🌱 Orchestrate life, plants, creatures and evolution

🌝 Make your planets happy or turn them into an angry volcanic disaster – they’re emotional, just like you!

⭐ Complete a series of quests because checking things off a list feels great!

🌌 Save the galaxy from an insatiable black hole

👍 Play a charming ode to the beauty of outer space

[Press release]

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