YAW Studios has announced that they’re bringing One Card One Shot: Mafia to the Switch. No release date has been shared at this time, but you can check out the debut trailer above.

One Card One Shot - Mafia: An electrifying mix of Card Game and Sniper! Fast and intuitive, it will test your reflexes and strategy, where life and death decisions are just a click away!

Take on the role of a relentless bounty hunter in the mafia underworld. With your wits, a trusty weapon, and a deck of cards, your goal is to hunt down crime bosses. Get ready, because they won’t go down without a fight!

In this fast-paced and electrifying game, you need to be quick to survive. Use your cards strategically and take the fatal shot at the right moment. With each mission accomplished, you rise in the ranks of the most wanted, gaining access to more lucrative and challenging jobs. But beware, each success attracts even more dangerous enemies!

Advance through unique worlds within each card and face mafia bosses loaded with challenges! Overcome obstacles and discover distinct new scenarios, where each boss controls a territory filled with dangers and puzzles.

In each mission, carefully select the cards for your hunting deck, each with unique effects. Create the perfect strategy for each job, combining abilities to maximize your chances of success!

  • Guaranteed diversity! Face different targets in each game, with thousands of possible combinations.
  • A deck full of cards for you to create innovative strategies and have fun with each play!
  • Face a new world and unique challenges with each mafia boss until you reach the dreaded Big Boss.
  • Stay alert: the characters on the cards will try to escape and interact with the environment.
  • Be quick and observant: your targets can use special cards to counterattack or flee. Your reaction must be immediate!
  • Elevate your notoriety: accumulate rewards, acquire new cards, climb the ranks of the most wanted, and become a legend!

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