Developer CalixJumio has announced Super Crane HD for Switch. There’s no release date just yet, but you can check out a new trailer above.

Retro match 3 about a Bug juggling at his job, BUT NOW IT’S BETTER.Match 3 drops to clear them, but your tool changes constantly, so watch out! Special tool tiles will give you bonus points, but will also change the rules of the game. Each time you match one of these you will play with the next tool in rotation:

  1. SWAP: Swap two tiles horizontally
  2. CRANE: Hold button to grab a tile and move it around

  3. DRILL: Hold button, then press LEFT or RIGHT to rotate a 2x2 space

  4. SHOVEL: Pick a tile and toss it away to a random position
  5. WAGON: Hold button to move a 2x2 space horizontally

  6. HOSE: Swap tiles positions as you move.

Including game modes and challenges like:

  • Arcade - Regular game with score and waves
  • Versus - Clean tiles and send them nasty ones to the other side!
  • Co - op - Clean tiles TOGETHER on a bigger tank!
  • Zen - Clean a bigger tank, at your own pace
  • Special - Now with tiles exploding and doing weird stuff!

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