A world premiere trailer revealed Dredge: The Iron Rig, the forthcoming DLC pack for Dredge, Black Salt Games’ horror-infused indie fishing adventure. The Iron Rig launches on August 15th, 2024.

The Iron Rig is the second official expansion for Dredge – a cosmic horror fishing adventure with a sinister undercurrent. This content adds a new constructable destination with its own story, items and adversities that can be experienced at any stage in your playthrough.

Gather, craft and deliver your way through the mysteries of The Iron Rig, revisiting areas from DREDGE to investigate ancient disturbances stirring in the deep. Assist the Ironhaven Corporation in constructing facilities that unlock items, gadgets and more, but what are they truly here for?

  • 2-5 hours of content playable at any time in your playthrough
  • Uncover a brand new side-story
  • Craft a new tier of equipment with 8 new pieces of gear
  • Catch more than 50 new fish
  • Advance to a new tier of boat hull, bigger and better than before
  • Research enhanced versions of some abilities
  • Earn 12 new achievements

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