Sim/management game "Farlands" announced for Switch

One more for the bursting genre

08 June 2024
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Congratulations, you’ve bought your own planet! An agrarian rock at the edge of the galaxy that, for some reason, was practically being given away for free. So the time has come to leave your hectic, stressful life in an overcrowded metropolis for a more rural and rewarding life.

Seeking a lifestyle change, you saw an offer you couldn’t refuse: an entire planet going for a bargain price! An old agrarian rock in an outlying solar system that’s been lying abandoned for years. So, with little more than your worn-out ship and your personal assistance droid, you decide to embark on a new phase of your life in a lost corner of the galaxy.

Restore your planet!

Cut weeds, clear paths, reclaim fields, and fix what the passage of time has destroyed. Turn an old agrarian rock into a thriving homestead.

Explore the solar system!

Although your ship has seen better days, it can still help you move between the different planets in the solar system, explore them, and collect resources to improve your farm, your tools, and your ship.

Be part of the community!

Make contact with the handful of people who still live on the solar system’s planets. Learn their stories and the reasons why they decided to stay in such a remote part of the galaxy.

Save the solar system and restore it to its former glory!

A whole planet at a bargain price? Perhaps there’s a reason for that… Maybe things won’t be as simple as they first seemed!

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