Metal Suits: Counter Attack is a side-scrolling run-and-gun action game set in the future. The main character, Kevin, who lost everything and was reborn as a cyborg, begins to take revenge on Golida, an alien who took everything from him.

In 4373. Kevin was once hailed as a war hero. Now an old and sick veteran, he is living a peaceful old age on a nursing spaceship with his beloved dog ‘Andy’. Until the nursing spaceship exploded due to an invasion by the alien “Golida”, losing his beloved dog ‘Andy’ and most of his body…..

You have to defeat all the invaders ‘Golida’ using a variety of combat suits. It’s time to start to take bloody revenge on the alien ‘Golida’ using the various combat suits that can be discovered during the game and the various features provided by each combat suit.

About 130 years ago, Earthlings left solar system and migrated to the Helios system. Explore the nine mysterious planets of the Helios system and uncover the secrets of Helios.

Discover the secrets hidden on the nine planets of Helios. You’ll find a variety of collectibles and stories to tell.

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