The Tricky Trials Update is coming, but makes the trial chambers so tricky? That’s what we’re going to discover today as Mojang sits down with a host of their own developers, artists, and professional grunters audio designers.

In this Dev Diary, Mojang is asking the really hard questions, like what inspired the design of the trial chambers? How do you find them? And how much grunting is too much grunting? Join the team as they delve deeper into these sprawling structures, uncover what you might find there, and more.

The Tricky Trials Update’s official release date is June 13, which means in just a few short weeks you can play with all the new update features on both Minecraft: Java Edition and Bedrock Edition! Trial chambers are a new structure releasing as part of the update that are filled with traps, tricks, and treasures! No-one knows who built these sprawling copper structures (or if they do, they didn’t tell me!), but we do know what you’ll find inside them: a slew of new challenges, mobs to do battle with, rewards to claim, and blocks to build with.

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