Revealed at IGN Live 2024, the all-new gameplay trailer shows off the vivid world of Yars Rising, punctuated by anime-inspired cyberpunk character designs, an energetic soundtrack, and a look at the game’s stealth mechanics and enemy encounters. What starts off as a simple ‘get in, get out’ mission quickly turns into more than what the young hacker Emi bargains for— from blasting robots to dodging lasers, to hacking complex systems and acquiring bio-hacks that grant unexpected abilities.

In Yars Rising, players take control of the young hacker Emi Kimura, who is hired by a mysterious patron to infiltrate the shadowy Qotech corporation. Run, jump, sneak, and hack your way through challenges to unravel layers of intrigue in this expansive sci-fi mystery. Embark on Emi’s journey to decipher the mystery of the corporation’s closely guarded secret and uncover her inexplicable bond to a far-off alien race.

Developer WayForward Technologies has built a reputation for developing franchises featuring strong characters and rich storytelling. In Yars Rising, the studio delivers a side-scrolling Metroidvania adventure with platforming action, a balance of stealth and combat gameplay, and retro-inspired mini-games.

Yars Rising is slated for release on Switch later in 2024.

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