Core Keeper, the survival simulation game from publisher Fireshine Games and developer Pugstorm will be available for Switch digitally for via the Nintendo eShop on August 27th, 2024. Ahead of that release we’ve got a new trailer, and you can check it out above.

Awaken as an explorer in a long-forgotten cavern teeming with untold secrets. In this award-winning, 1-8 player mining sandbox adventure, your choices shape an epic journey. Harvest relics and resources, craft advanced tools, build your base, and explore a dynamically evolving world waiting to be unearthed.

Level up your skills, defeat legendary Titans, and unveil the power of the Core.Grow your garden, fish in mysterious waters, master a vast array of recipes, raise and care for animals, encounter the Cavelings, and carve out your own unique world in an enchanting underground adventure.

Delve deep to harvest precious resources and unearth hidden gems. Craft tools to help you survive, from pickaxes, fishing rods, and shovels to traps, bombs, and mortars. Upgrade your arsenal and equipment with advanced tools like the mighty Obliteration Ray, and automated machinery to streamline mining, smelting, storage, and more. Level up your skills and unlock powerful weapons to conquer the depths.

Coming to Core Keeper for the very first time, the 1.0 update will introduce brand new PvP functionality, an entirely revamped world generation system and a mysterious new biome to explore: The Passage. Players can also look forward to two brand new combat styles with the introduction of the Mage and Warlock builds, plus new skill trees, equipment, enemies, bosses and the conclusive chapter to Core Keeper’s main story, alongside much, much more.

Revamped World Generation & New World Seeds

Prepare for an entirely new way to generate your underground world, with player-customisable parameters to determine each world’s features, resources, terrain, and more. Prefer your cave system to be more like an ocean? No problem. Turn rivers and lakes up to Extreme to generate a world surrounded by water. The introduction of World Seeds will also let players easily share their generated world designs with friends.

The new world generation feature replaces Core Keeper’s existing system. While legacy worlds will still be playable at the launch of 1.0, Early Access players are strongly encouraged to begin a new world to experience the game’s complete set of features.

New Story Content

Discover extraordinary secrets and witness the conclusive chapter to Core Keeper’s main story arc. Following their battles with the Titans and uncovering the remnants of ancient Caveling technologies, Explorers will finally get to unearth the secret of the Core and behold the phenomenon behind their teleportation to Core Keeper’s mysterious ancient world.

PvP Functionality

Coming at the launch of 1.0, Core Keeper’s brand new PvP functionality lets friends become foes to battle it out for supremacy in the underground. Designed as an entirely optional feature, PvP can be toggled on or off directly from the pause menu. Assign teams or be the last Explorer standing in this competitive new playstyle. Will you live peacefully alongside your cavernous companions, or build up your base to skirmish with rival cave dwellers?

New Biome: “The Passage”

Venture deep into The Passage, an eerie new endgame biome for experienced Core Keeper players. Navigate The Passage’s mysterious otherworldly forests and hazardous sulphuric vegetation to encounter unusual new threats, mine the brand new resource Pandorium, and discover new crafting stations to create advanced weapons and equipment.

New Mage & Warlock Combat Styles

Embark on your underground adventure with two additional Explorer types to choose from – the Mage and the Warlock – with new skill trees, equipment, weapons and a brand new ‘Mana’ resource. Wield your staff as a powerful Mage to unleash magical new attacks, or summon minions to fight by your side as an almighty Warlock. Catering to playstyles of a more magical nature, get ready for Core Keeper’s enchanting underground to become, well… even more enchanting!

New Bosses, Enemies & Equipment

Encounter multiple new bosses – the most introduced in a single Core Keeper update yet – including Druidra, Cryodra and Pyrdra, the hydras of nature, ice and lava, and providing an unexpected technological twist to Core Keeper’s traditional boss fights. Discover new enemies to battle, including new additions to existing biomes, and craft advanced new equipment to help you survive the ancient underground.

And More!

Meet two adorable new pets: the Pheromoth and the Snugglygrade, and discover the Dodo, a new cattle type roaming the underground; relax with some fishing to find unusual new marine life unique to The Passage; and locate mysterious new Waypoints to traverse the caverns even more efficiently. With so much to uncover, Core Keeper’s 1.0 content update promises to be the game’s biggest update yet.

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