Tales of Seikyu doesn’t have a release date yet, but things are coming along nicely. You can get a fresh look at the game’s progress in the new trailer above.

Tales of Seikyu is a fantasy-style life-sim RPG game set on an island named Seikyu. This unique world is home to numerous mystical yōkai from various backgrounds. You can plant crops, craft, ranching, participate in fishing competitions, and explore underwater ruins on the Yōkai Island set in the Showa era. Build friendships, form families with the residents of the Yōkai town, support town development, and become a proud member of the flourishing mountainous Seikyu Island.There are 40+ yōkai residents living on Seikyu Island. These islanders exhibit diverse personalities, each with their own occupations and hobbies.

Newly joining their community, the islanders warmly welcome you, without exception. The choice is yours to become good friends with them or captivate their hearts. However, it’s important to note that not everyone may embrace open relationships, as your infidelity could lead to irreparable consequences. Acquired for a bargain, the desolate farmhouse is set to be revitalized under the management of a hardworking, perhaps even legendary, farmer. Whether dedicating yourself to cultivating crops, focusing on developing animal husbandry, or expanding and renovating dilapidated buildings; your farm, your rules!

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