Ratalaika Games has announced that Froggy Bouncing Adventures is coming to Switch on June 14th, 2024. You can check out the debut trailer for the game above.

Froggy Bouncing Adventures is a cute, miniature platformer starring the eponymous Froggy the Frog. When Froggy’s buddy Buzzy disappears through a mysterious portal, it’s up to our amphibian hero to come to his friend’s rescue.

Get ready for 60 levels of precision jumping challenge with increasing difficulty, accompanied by a cozy aesthetic with colorful pixel art and relaxing music.

Can you brave through each level and rescue Buzzy? Will you be able to acquire many hats in the process?


  • 60 levels to beat in 4 different biomes
  • 20 different hats to unlock
  • Cute pixel art mixed with 3D
  • 2D jumping platformer gameplay
  • Increasing difficulty
[Press release]

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