Princess Peach: Showtime! hit the Switch and instantly became a million seller. That means there’s plenty of gamers out there who’d love to gobble up some Princess Peach: Showtime! merch, and Nintendo is more than happy to give those fans what they want.

Nintendo and Sanei Boeki are teaming once again, this time for a pair of Princess Peach: Showtime! plush dolls. There are two versions of the plush doll in the works; one with Peach in her traditional outfit holding Stella, and another of Swordfighter Peach.

Each Princess Peach: Showtime! plush measures roughly 25 centimeters and is priced at $22. There’s no word on these dolls seeing release outside of Japan at this time, although an import retailer is sure to pick them up. You can expect to see this duo release in Japan sometime this August.

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