The amount of NieR:Automata merch is absolutely insane. The game’s popularity has reached around the world to millions, and it’s clear a large portion of those fans are more than willing to part with some more cash in order to pick up NieR:Automata collectibles. That’s why the merch machine keeps churning, and today brings us more goodies to grab.

Today brings us four new NieR:Automata FORM-ISM figures from Square Enix. These figures represent the protagonists of NieR:Automata, 9S and A2, and each one is priced at roughly $32. Both 9S and A2 will get two different FORM-ISM figure designs.

With 9S, you have the option of the standard design and one without the blindfold combat visor. As for A2, one features the Type-4O Blade while the other shows the character with short hair and in her Berserk mode. 9S is set to release in September with A2 to follow in October.

If you’d like to get a closer look at all four designs for these figures, you can find images of each one here.

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