Wildfrost has been updated to Ver. 1.2.0, which includes the Friends and Foes content. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

New Features

  • 13 new enemies across 4 new battles
  • 20 new player cards
  • 13 new Companions and 1 new Pet
  • 12 new Charms
  • 12 new Challenges
  • 4 new Sun Bells
  • Zoomlins!


  • Sun Bell of Fellowship now also increases Charm Limit
  • Cards that make copies of other cards no longer copy negative status effects
  • Tooltip for “copy” when inspecting a card with a “copy” effect
  • “Increase by 1 when hit” effects now increase all apply effects
  • You now draw a full hand after the Crown phase even if you drew/created new cards during the phase
  • Removed number from Lumin Vase applying Lumin
  • You now gain a Sun Vault after the Eye of the Storm if you are continuing to the Heart of the Storm
  • Blood Bell now reduces your highest health card’s health after each Boss Battle
  • New Storm Bell added to replace the Swarm Bell

Card Balance

  • Increased attack for Longshot leaders
  • Chompom – Reduced starting Shell to 2
  • Dimona – Applies Demonize to enemies when they are hit by Items. Increased Attack to 2
  • Tinkerson Jr. – Increased Attack to 3
  • Kernel – Reduced Shell given to 2
  • Pyra – Gives Spice to ally behind instead of ahead, reduced Spice given to 4, reduced Health to 6 and counter to 4
  • Devicro – Increased Health to 7
  • Shen – Increased Overburn applied to 2
  • Groff – Increased Health to 6
  • Kreggo – Increased Attack to 2
  • Tigris – Increased Health to 5
  • Foggy Brew – Removed Aimless
  • Spike – Reduced Health to 7
  • Loki – Increased Attack to 3
  • Numskull – Reduced Block to 8 and increased Health to 30
  • Tentickle – Reduced Counter to 4, Reduced Attack to 4

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed sometimes being able to buy items with gamepad in shop while backpack is open
  • Fixed Shade Wisp copying Frost Guardian & instantly giving attack to allies
  • Fixed Pootie not giving Frenzy to allies with no attack value
  • Fixed Shroominator’s effect not being affected by Ink
  • Fixed Faith not working with Summons that have no Attack value
  • Fixed edge case with Leech + Teeth + Overburn
  • Fixed “While Active” effects remaining when recalling Ink’d unit
  • Fixed being able to put Crowns on Lumin Goop & Broken Vase
  • Fixed Ink counting down in hand
  • Fixed issue with Best Win Time stat
  • Fixed “Trigger when hit” not interrupting Frenzy like Smackback does
  • Fixed Spice getting removed on recall
  • Fixed Overburn dealing incorrect damage if applied at the same time as health is reduced below the current Overburn amount

Along with the update, Wildfrost is currently available on the Switch eShop for 30% off. This knocks the price down to $14, and you’ll be able to snag this deal until June 25th, 2024.

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