The Trial of Kharzoid is an arkanoidvania. It combines classic brick-breaking games like Arkanoid with Castlevania’s classic elements like exploration, defeating huge bosses and eating chicken you find in walls! The goal is to navigate through the deadly levels and go back to Kharzoid’s tower to defeat this son of a witch. You will learn more about the lore by talking to NPCs.

The land of Xyleria was ruled by Kharzoid, a dark and powerful wizard, versed in occult magic. In his twisted imagination, he conceived a diabolical game filled with traps and foes. Each month he would take a prisoner, transfer his soul into a magical skull and send him into this diabolical maze. A hero finally appeared, and stood up to the challenge!

The land of Xyleria lies in ruins after Kharzoid took over. Some people took refuge in the temple, some in the forest. There are several areas to explore:

  • The town ruins
  • The rocky plain
  • A desecrated temple
  • The forest of Despair
  • The devasted plain near Kharzoid’s lair
  • Kharzoid’s lair

You can navigate back and forth between levels you have completed. There is more than 80 levels! Including boss, maze, town and puzzle levels.

If you’d like to help The Trial of Kharzoid make its way to the NES, you can fund the game through Kickstarter here.

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