Divine warfare rages on in SMITE and today Titan Forge Games shake things up and release the Year 11 Mid-Season Update on all platforms!

Alongside dozens of item reworks and new Jungle mechanics, this Update includes:

  • The Summer Sizzle event
  • The new Cross-Gen Pass
  • New content in the year-long Immortal Honor event

SMITE fans get to play around with original new concepts sure to refresh the meta and the overall experience especially at high levels of play. Many Tier 2 items now have impactful passive effects on top of flat stats, making them more rewarding to purchase.

For instance, Tower Shield increases your Attack Speed each second you are in combat against Gods, while Cloak of Concentration steals Protections from all enemies when you are hit by Crowd Controls. And for greedy Mages, Book of Secrets now gains stacks thanks to your ability damage. Those stacks grant nothing on the spot but will be instantly transferred when you upgrade Book of Secrets into Tablet of Destinies or Book of Thoth.

In the Jungle, destroying the Shaman Camp spawns one of five Spirit Totems that grant you juicy buffs such as Penetration, Attack Speed, Max. Health, etc. And this popular mechanic has just become even more interesting.

Now each time you kill the Shamans, the Spirit Totem of the corresponding color will spawn… and if it was already there, it will be permanently upgraded. That’s an invitation to build an actual Totem farm for your team throughout the match!

What’s more, players can now steal the opponent’s Spirit Totems. This ensures that you can counter the enemy’s plan around their own Totems, and it further strengthens their impact.

Read the full Year 11 Mid-Season Update Notes Here.

[Press release]

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