Nintendo has been putting together weekly features on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that not only recap details shared on social media, but also cover new ground as well. The third installment of this series is now available, and you can find a complete rundown of the new topics discussed below.

Fast Travel

  • when exploring, you’ll find special spots known as “Landmarks”
  • when you find one of these, you can fast travel to these Landmarks at almost any time
  • make sure you explore far and wide to find all Landmarks

Field Skills

  • some places can only be reached by walking on a tightrope, or by climbing a wall
  • in order to access these areas, you’ll need to make use of Field Skills
  • each time a character join your party, you get access to new Field Skills
  • the more people you meet, the more Field Skills you can gain, and places you can access

Nintendo’s recap post also groups together a bunch of screens that we’ve shared in recent days, but if you want to get a second look at them, you can visit the feature here.


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