The gameplay in Another Crab’s Treasure may have been inspired by games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but when it comes to visuals, the team behind the game had a very different source of inspiration.

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Nick Kaman, Art Director & Studio Head of Aggro Crab Games, opened up about Another Crab’s lovely visual style. Not surprisingly, Aggro Crab pulled from Nintendo’s own bright and colorful game history.

This time around we didn’t have an obvious visual target like we did for Going Under, so the art style had a lot more of a gradual development. For the new look I knew I wanted more polish, but I also wanted it to look as far away from Dark Souls as possible, again, leaning more on Nintendo platformers as inspiration.

I think you get this cool dynamic when you put this cute innocent little baby character against a harsh unforgiving Soulslike world. It creates a feeling that you’re ill-equipped for the challenges ahead, a bit like how most of us feel powerless against the pollution and changing climate in our world, yet are barrelling towards the reality of those issues regardless.

[Nick Kaman, Art Director & Studio Head of Aggro Crab]

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2y ago

This was one of the very few games that caught my eye in the recent Indie Showcase. I like its visuals. You can't go wrong taking inspiration from Nintendo platformers. It's not until next year, so there's plenty of time left to make this great, it's doing well so far.