I don’t think there’s a developer out there that doesn’t want a high review score average for their games. Does anyone set out to make a bad game? SEGA certainly doesn’t, but there have been a few Sonic games over the years that have pulled in some rather lackluster reviews. That’s a situation they want to avoid with Sonic Frontiers.

During a recent analyst and investor Q&A, SEGA was asked about their target scores for Sonic Frontiers when it launches. According to Sega Sammy’s CEO Haruki Satomi and CFO Koichi Fukazawa, they’re aiming very high.

“We have set internal targets, as the correlation between the scores of external evaluation organizations and sales is high in Europe and North America.”

“If the game gets a high score, it can become a must-buy game, and possibly generate synergy with sales, so we are currently working hard to improve the quality of the game toward its sales for the holiday season.”

[Sega Sammy’s CEO Haruki Satomi and CFO Koichi Fukazawa]

Sonic doesn’t struggle with popularity at all, but he certainly does with review score averages. Let’s hope that Sonic Frontiers ends up bucking that trend.

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2y ago

The longer I wait the higher my expectations get. Sega is riding a new wave of interest for many potential players, I hope they don't screw it up.


2y ago

My initial interpretation was that they already messed up something internally, why would you say you're working to improve the quality of something the public knows almost next to nothing? How do you know what the reception will be when you haven't shown your target audience anything beyond a teaser trailer?

Really hope I'm just overthinking, though.


2y ago

"and possibly generate synergy with sales"
what the hell does that mean?