We’ve known for awhile now that the horror game Oxide Room 104 was getting a physical release on Switch, but we weren’t exactly sure when. Publisher Perp Games originally stated the retail version would be out sometime in Summer 2022, but now we have an exact date.

If you’re holding out for a physical copy of Oxide Room 104, you can look forward to grabbing your copy on August 12th, 2022. You can see the cover art for that retail release above. If you don’t feel like waiting that long, you can go with the digital release of Oxide Room 104, which is slated for June 17th, 2022.

Inspired by escape room mechanics, Oxide Room 104 is a terrifying single player horror game based inside an old motel. Kidnapped and imprisoned, under the mercy of a ruthless Doctor, you must try to escape the perilous situation and avoid a hideous creature stalking you.

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2y ago

Damn, escape room and horror? I guess I'll have to pick this one up.
I really miss the Zero Escape series though, now that I think about escape room games.