The cyberpunk genre, a subset of science fiction, first started to come into its own in the 1960s and 70s. Authors like William Gibson and Bruce Sterling were very instrumental in taking the genre even further, and helped propel the genre to the place it is today.

Plenty of video games fit into the cyberpunk genre, and Citizen Sleeper is definitely one of them. That said, the game aims to do something a little more with cyberpunk, and it appears to be working. This narrative RPG was critically praised from day one, and players are feeling exactly the same.

In an interview with Kotaku, Citizen Sleeper writer Gareth Damian Martin opened up about the cyberpunk genre, and shared insight into how they crafted something special.

“For [cyberpunk] to be effective, I find that it needs to draw on something about now because I don’t think that Gibson and [Bruce] Sterling were writing about the future. I think they were writing about the moment they were in. We should continue to make cyberpunk work about the moment we’re in, not the moment that they were in or this awesome imagined future. I think cyberpunk is about now.”

[Gareth Damian Martin]

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