Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the art!
Thanks to Krazy Kernal for the art!

We had to run with a smaller crew this week, but I think the show was enjoyable just the same! We had some gaming trivia to go along with our music trivia this week, plus the usual helping of Nintendo news, and a surprisingly insightful question section! Oh, and we talk about Chip ‘n Dale’s new movie as well, because how could we not?!

Audio-version timestamps

  • 00:00:00 Theme Music
  • 00:00:33 Introduction
  • 00:01:09 Corvisquire Description
  • 00:06:49 Crew Intro
  • 00:08:08 Chip n’ Dale: Rescue Rangers Movie
  • 00:17:29 Gamer Dictionary Trivia
  • 00:26:39 News Begins
  • 00:27:17 Tantalus says Nintendo hasn’t asked them to bring The Legend of Zelda: - Twilight Princess HD to Switch
  • 00:33:13 Tantalus says getting Skyward Sword HD’s controls right took 1.5 years
  • 00:38:27 Switch was the #1 hardware in Europe for April 2022, software sales detailed
  • 00:50:09 North American Switch eShop releases for the week of May 19th, 2022
  • 00:54:30 Deuxy’s Sweet European Releases
  • 00:56:29 Commercial Break
  • 01:00:45 Nintendo patents “Attestation Program” in order to fight cheaters
  • 01:03:24 Nintendo has ‘nothing to announce’ on the Wii/DSi shops still being down
  • 01:06:44 The Switch outsells the 3DS install base in Japan
  • 01:12:26 What Deux Played this Week
  • 01:15:07 What Mombrain Played this Week
  • 01:18:36 What RMC Played this Week
  • 01:23:11 Listener Question
  • 01:29:50 Patron Question
  • 01:54:18 Music Quiz
  • 02:10:10 Deux’s Rumor of the Week

Thanks to **TheKeeseEffect **for this week’s timestamps!

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1+ y ago

The best fart is clearly the silent thick ones. Cut one off in an aisle at the store and watch an unexpecting shopper walk through in disgust.


1+ y ago

Mombrain says "like" every 2 words, and shes a teacher.... it really makes the podcast hard to listen when she talks

Mom Brain is best! The podcast feels a bit empty without her. I love when she loses it and can't stop laughing. I just wish she'd pick my song for music trivia to help the score reach 6 out of 9. It's an easy one!


1+ y ago

I kind of expected the there to a be a Rosie tattoo on Josh's metal frame, but maybe their relationship wasn't that serious.


1+ y ago


I'll have to ask him about it...but I have a feeling he's going to give a feisty response.