Longtime Nintendo fans know that Nintendo is always trying to innovate and head in different directions. That was indeed the case with their early days in video games, and their 1974 title Sky Hawk is a perfect example.

Sky Hawk was an extremely unique arcade title, as it used 16mm film as a backdrop for the gameplay. In Sky Hawk, players had to shoot down remote-controlled fighter planes, and a full round only lasted 60 seconds! That’s the kind of restrictions you’re up against when you’re making a game with actual film clips in the 1970s!

In the video above, you can see the actual 16mm footage that Nintendo used in Sky Hawk. Sure, it looks incredibly garbled and grainy today, but looking at this through a 1970s perspective makes it so much more impressive. It’s games like these that led to the creation of iconic FMV arcade games like Dragon’s Lair, Space Ace, and more.

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2y ago

Wow, that's a neat find.


2y ago

This is pretty cool, Nintendo always innovating since the beggining of videogames

Ahead of the curve like always. Let's petition Nintendo to bring this to the eShop and sell a Super Scope on MyNintendo to play it.

bahamut omega

2y ago

Now we just need footage of the original mechanical arcade version of Duck Hunt.

Given that the earliest arcade games were more on the mechanical side. I've already got
respect for it coming from what I've seen by the various attempts to bring the mechanical pinball tables to a virtual platform in one for or another.