As we previously shared, Final Vendetta is heading to the Switch on June 17th, 2022. In advance of that release, Numskull Games has shared a special gameplay preview for the title. This video gives us 5 minutes of gameplay, complete with narration.

Final Vendetta plays like a classic beat ‘em up from the arcade. Timing attacks, techniques and super moves is key, whilst also avoiding the overwhelming onslaught of enemies by double tapping up or down to duck or dodge. More unique to beat ‘em ups is the ability to block, although not all attacks can be blocked.

Each character has a number of basic strikes, grab variations, moves and techniques, including the ability to strike from behind if an enemy is sneaking up. Kick enemies whilst they’re down, juggle them with attacks to build up a combo count, or time a super attack - but if the meter isn’t full, expect to lose health.

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