New Foretales gameplay trailer released

You can't control the cards you're dealt...

24 May 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Foretales is coming to Switch sometime in Summer of 2022, which means we’ll be seeing it in the next 3 months or so. While we wait for details on the release date, a new gameplay trailer has been released. You can check out all the action above.

In Foretales, play as Volepain, an avian small-time thief who assembles a party of anthropomorphic characters, including the tiger archer Léo, the gorilla Karst, the elephant Isabeau, and the parrot Pattenbois, in an attempt to save the collapsing world doomed by a dark prophecy. Each companion you team up with comes with unique skills and consumable cards to forge your path through a wide variety of scripted encounters and challenges.

Whether you approach a scenario by using stealth, creating a ruse, making a trade or engaging in good old-fashioned fisticuffs is up to you. With every decision comes a different outcome, so play through Foretales to discover previously hidden secrets, new solutions to puzzles and different narrative endings. Play your cards right and potentially save the world!

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