Back at the very end of March, we learned that iam8bit would be offering a physical version of Eastward. The time to purchase those copies has finally come, and you can snag your copy today!

Just as we shared last time, you can pick up a Standard version, a Collector’s Edition, or a separate vinyl soundtrack. You can get another look at all of those versions here. If you want to go all-out, you can also get a Collector’s Edition version that includes the vinyl soundtrack release, but that is only available through the iam8bit store.

Eastward is a pixel art adventure RPG, set in a society that is fast hurtling down the path of destruction, as an unknown and toxic presence begins to spread and poison the air. Those who could escape flocked to villages underground to start a new life, and as new generations were forged, they soon forgot all memories of the blue skies above. Sam and John, Eastward’s unlikely duo, join together as the hope of a thriving outside world beckons. The duo must escape the tyrannical clutches of subterranean society and travel across the world by rail to uncover the mystery of Sam’s powers, and the truth behind the deadly miasma.

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2y ago

Thanks for the update! I'll be making a purchase for sure!