Four different Switch games have been updated on the Switch as of today. Patches and version updates are now available for Raji: An Ancient Epic, Alien: Isolation, Dying Light: Platinum Edition, and Deadcraft, and you can find details on each update below.

Raji: An Ancient Epic

  • Improved the health gained and lost feedback for Raji and enemies
  • Improved enemies executions (animations) and health orb spawning
  • Improved hit impact effects
  • Improvements to combat VFX
  • Tightened up many animations for Raji and enemies
  • Removed dodge animations from heavy attack combos to make them more responsive
  • Improved combat pacing
  • Added variations for all enemy types, with fresh new visuals, attacks and abilities
  • Behavior overhaul and new abilities added for the Chieftain and Mahabalasura bosses
  • Behavior overhaul and new attacks added for the Mahabalasura boss
  • Added a camera zoom feature using mouse wheel or Gamepad right analog stick
  • Added a comprehensive main menu
  • Added ability to disable tutorials
  • Added new game modes: Campaign, Story, One Shot One Kill
  • Added the option of revisiting locations from previously cleared levels
  • Complete SFX overhaul
  • New background music added to the Fort and Desert level
  • Hindi voiceovers added
  • Many bugs fixed

Alien: Isolation

  • No patch notes available

Dying Light: Platinum Edition

  • Several stability fixes (crashes or black screen in certain situations)
  • Performance optimization
  • Various bug fixes
  • Optimized HD Rumble
  • Hellraid Update
  • In-game event incoming


  • Fixes a bug preventing progress that occurs when another mission is displayed on the screen when you go and report the completion of another mission
  • Fixes minor issues.
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