Back when the NES was first released, it was pretty much unimaginable to have a console-like experience in the palm of your hands. It would take years before the Game Boy came around, and to say that was a mind-blowing experience is an understatement. Sure, it may not have matched the NES exactly, but games were close enough that it didn’t matter!

Nowadays, we have devices like smart phones and the Switch, which show us just how far portable gaming has come. While those pieces of hardware are fantastic, it’s equally as fun to go back in time and see what things would have been like if we could take the NES on the go. While Nintendo never made that happen, hardware modder Redherring32 took on the task himself.

The results of his efforts are the TinyTendo, seen in the tweet at the top of this post. The TinyTendo takes real NES hardware and crams it down into a portable device. Yes, you read that right. This is actual NES hardware, and not an emulator of something like that. To keep it handheld, custom miniature cartridges have to be used, but it’s possible to use regular NES carts through an adapter.

This is an open-source project, so if you have the technical know-how, you’ll soon be able to get full details on this kit and build one yourself!

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