Final Fantasy 35th Anniversary UNIQLO T-Shirts getting a reprint

A second chance to make a good first impression

24 May 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

UNIQLO has teamed with a number of game companies to produce exclusive apparel lines, and one of their latest collabs saw them working with Square Enix for a series of Final Fantasy 35th anniversary t-shirts. This line was an instant hit and sellout, but the good news is that there’s more on the way.

UNIQLO has confirmed that a reprint of these shirts is heading to Japan in June 2022. It seems that online shopping will be the way to go, as UNIQLO’s website will have a full restock on all shirts. There will be some shirts available at brick-and-mortar stores, but their selections from the 16-shirt lineup will be limited. Yet another reason to go with the online shop comes from sizing. The online store will offer special sizes for the shirts that you won’t be able to get in-store.

As of right now, this reprint is only announced for Japan. Hopefully it extends to NA/EU, but no confirmation on that yet.

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