A new cinematic trailer has been released for Rogue Company, and it reveals that the peppy recruit, Juke, is coming to the game sometime in June 7th, 2022.

In Rogue Company’s first narrative event two weeks ago, Juke’s Gambit, preliminary details were revealed to players. Juke is the woman responsible for the engineering of the world’s first fully sentient Artificial Intelligence, as she used to be the brilliant brains of big tech company Furmi.62. Now that her life’s work has potentially been stolen by Jackal, the Rogues’ rivals, she rallies Rogue Company in search of answers.

On the battlefield, Juke’s distinguishing mark will be her rocket boots. Both on the ground and mid-air, they allow her dodge roll to turn into a dash, propelling her forward in the blink of an eye. This makes Juke the most mobile Defender to date. To secure objectives, she can deploy a laser defense drone standing guard and continuously firing at enemies until destroyed.

All details about Juke will be shared during the Rogue Company Update Show on YouTube tomorrow at 3 PM ET.

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