RiffTrax: The Game has been updated to Version Ver. 1.1. You can read the full patch notes for this update below.


50 New Clips! – Brand new clips and riffs! Featuring clips from RiffTrax classics such as “Planet of Dinosaurs”, “Beaks!”, “Giant from the Unknown”, and “The Wonderful Land of Oz”!

Film List

  • Beaks
  • Bloody Pit Of Horror
  • Giant From The Unknown
  • Honor and Glory
  • How to Keep A Job
  • In Between
  • Magical Disappearing Money
  • Wonderful Land of Oz
  • Velvet Smooth

New Options

  • Disable Riff For Me (Options > Gameplay)
  • Mute clip audio during Riff (Options > Audio/Music)
  • Streaming
  • Mod Approval Time – Mods now have 20 seconds to approve clips.
  • General – Fixed minor moderation bugs.


  • Custom Clip Error – Remote players now receive an error if a custom clip is used. NOTE: If playing a remote game with custom clips, make sure all players have a copy of the custom clips.
  • Voice Chat Icon – Voice chat will now display your mic icon/user id when you’re speaking. Reminder to mute voice chat and disable remote games while streaming
  • Twitch chat voting prompts – displays on-screen cue during voting

Bug Fixes

  • Pause Spamming – Fixed a bug where pause spamming would softlock the game.
  • Player Kick – Fixed a bug where the host could not kick players from the join screen lobby.
  • Write a Riff Sync – Fixed a bug where a last second WAR submission would play for the host but not remote players.
  • Fixed game mode selection bug
  • Fixed accidental round skipping bug
  • Fixed moderation bug. Last second submission will no longer bypass moderation.
  • Fixed host/remote riff sync error. Last second submission will no longer playback on host.
  • Fixed a winner’s screen softlock bug. Pausing the game during the winner reveal will no longer softlock the game.
  • Improved reconnection to the game from RiffTrax.Games website after disconnect.
  • Fixed an issue with female TTS not playing for remote players.

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