Ever wanted to know how many chili dogs Sonic can down in one sitting? Want to know what Sonic’s favorite chaos emerald is? Dying to see how Sonic feels about his own movies? Well now’s your chance, as SEGA Japan wants to hear your Sonic questions!

SEGA Japan is running a special Sonic question and answer session, and yes, Sonic himself will answer your questions in the form o fa special YouTube video. This video will be released on June 24th, 2022, and there’s always a chance your question could be picked by the Blue Blur himself!

Question submissions are open now, and they run until June 2nd, 2022. You’ll have to submit them via Twitter (or this doc) and use the hashtag #音速一問一答. Please remember that submitting a question doesn’t guarantee that Sonic will answer it.

When SEGA releases the Q&A video, we’ll make sure we share it with all of you!

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2y ago

"Where's Sonic Mania 2?"


2y ago


Now THAT'S a question I want answered.


2y ago

Why can't SEGA crawl?