Playable build of cancelled 'SimCopter 64' port surfaces

Coming in for a landing over 20 years later

26 May 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Way back in 1997, EA and Maxis were working to bring SimCopter from the PC to N64. For one reason or another, the project never ended up seeing release despite a showing at E3 1997. Now, decades later, a playable build has surfaced.

In a huge discovery for video game history, a playable version of a long-lost cancelled N64 game has been found. SimCopter 64 was meant to be a port of the Maxis and EA title on PC and was last seen at E3 in — wait for it — 1997.

A playable version of the game was discovered by Reddit user a707northbayer, and they got it simply by trading SNES games with another collector. a707northbayer is looking to preserve the game somehow, and they may end up dumping it to the PC for all to see.

While we’re waiting to see some direct-feed footage of this cart, we at least have off-screen gameplay to give us a glimpse at how the port was coming along. There’s no doubt we’ll have more gameplay to enjoy in the near future.

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