The Famicom was released back in 1983, and the NES followed in 1985. Nearly 40 years later, the console is still getting new games through homebrew and indie developers. It just goes to show that good hardware can foster good software for years beyond what the creators expected.

Back in 1989, Nintendo could barely keep the NES on store shelves. The Big N was cranking out units as quickly as they could, and the video above gives us a look at what the process was like. In particular, this video shows us NES units being tested on the factory line in Kyoto, Japan. It’s a fascinating time capsule that shows how Nintendo was handling the game industry boom that they nearly single-handedly created.

Obviously nowadays, the situation is a lot different. Much of the assembly line process is automated, but there are still human stopgaps along the way. Nintendo is still cranking out hardware with the Switch, but they would have never gotten to this point without the mammoth success of the NES!

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