Capcom Fighting Collection was certainly a surprise to many but a welcome one to be sure. From iconic cult classics like Darkstalkers to more obscure ones like Red Earth, it’s an awesome package. Well in an interview with GameInformer, it seems that this collection was made with a real desire to have fans both old and new try out these classic fighters. That said, it may not bring about franchise revivals.

JC: Is there an underrated game in this collection you’d like people to play and talk about more?

[GameInformer's John Carson]

Matsumoto: I genuinely want these titles to be played once again on current gen consoles. I also want people who may have seen them but never had the chance to play them to get this opportunity. That said, we do not think that this will necessarily increase the possibility of these series being revived.

[Capcom Producer Shuhei Matsumoto]

So while it may be a tad disappointing that this does not mean we’re getting the Darkstalkers revival we were all hoping for, it’s certainly something to be appreciated that fans of these classic games can once again share the love and hopefully Capcom higher ups take note! If you would like to read the full interview, check it out!

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2y ago

That's a bummer. Wouldn't mind a new Darkstalkers.