SD Gundam Battle Alliance heads to Switch August 25th, 2022

Hello Kitty Gundam brings the real hype but this is good too

26 May 2022
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Gundam has been a big time series from Japan and that’s certainly not stopping with the release of multiple new Gundam games shown off at Gundam Game Fest. SD Gundam Battle Alliance is the only one coming to Nintendo Switch and it looks great! A combo based action RPG with chibi-style Gundams! Check out the YouTube Premiere below for a full breakdown of all the new elements!

From the online co-op to the full voiced story, this certainly has my attention. Check out SD Gundam Battle Alliance when it comes to Nintendo Switch on August 25th, 2022! There’s also a press release from Bandai Namco themselves so be sure to check that out too!


Fight to Restore a Distorted World in an All-New Gundam Action RPG; Digital Editions and Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed Today Include Season Pass and Exclusive Content

IRVINE, Calif., (May 26, 2022) – Leading video game publisher and developer Bandai Namco Entertainment America Inc. today announced SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE will launch on August 25, 2022. The game is an action RPG that brings together different histories in the Gundam universe, letting players relive famous scenes and battles from the venerable anime series. SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE will be available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series XǀS, Xbox One, and PCs via STEAM and Windows PC. Also announced today, preorders for digital editions with various tiers of bonuses such as unlockable missions, new playable units, and other exclusive content are available at

SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE is a first-of-its kind Gundam experience with stylish visuals, fast-paced single or co-op play, and a space-time bending storyline that brings together favorite characters and mechs from across the Mobile Suit Gundam universe. In the game, players must join forces to correct a distorted world, overcoming rifts in time known as “Historical Breaks” to restore the true timeline of every Gundam series. Each mission features single and multiplayer action, allowing up to three players to work together to progress through the game. SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE also features a progression system where players must develop, enhance, and reinforce their Mobile Suits with blueprints acquired during the course of their missions. Gameplay is fast-paced combat and massive battles using a variety of melee and range attacks, different combos, and charge-based special attacks for each Mobile Suit.

To get players suited up for launch, preorder bonuses and digital exclusive game editions are now available. Digital game editions include the Deluxe Edition with the core game plus Season Pass. Preorder bonuses include:

SD Gundam World Sangoku Soketsuden Pack – Receive units Liu Bei Unicorn Gundam, Cao Cao Wing Gundam, and Sun Jian Gundam Astray. Players can take control of these units or assemble them as allies.

MS Research Support: Start Dash Pack & Unit “Gundam” Early Release – Receive “Expansion Parts” and “Capital Tickets,” which can give players a boost at the beginning of the game. In addition, unlocks playable unit “Gundam” and can be used from the early stages of the game.

Unit Knight Gundam Early Release – Receive unit “Knight Gundam” that appears in “”Musha, Knight and Command: SD Gundam Scramble” to use from the early stages of the game.

Unit Musha Gundam Early Release – Receive unit “Musha Gundam” that appears in “Musha, Knight and Command: SD Gundam Scramble” to use from the early stages of the game.

For more information on SKUs and preorder bonuses for SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE, please visit

Also released today, a brand-new trailer for SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE is available at the following YouTube link (ready for embedding):

For more details of SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE and other Gundam games, please check the following YouTube Link:

[Bandai Namco Official Press Release]

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