NBA player clears his mind before games by playing Nintendo

Think he plays basketball videogames?

27 May 2022
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When you’re playing in the NBA, there’s an immense amount of pressure before every game. You’re a cog in a massive machine, and any false move could lead to devastating results for your teammates. It’s a lot for anyone to handle, and that includes Golden State Warriors’ shooting guard, Klay Thompson.

During a press conference, Klay was asked to explain how he gets into the zone for game day. His response isn’t quite what you’d expect, and you can hear it in full below.

So now we know that Klay is a Nintendo fan, but what’s he playing? Klay followed up on the topic after the press conference by saying he owns a Super Nintendo and Switch. As for what game, Klay kept it simple by saying he’s a big Mario fan!

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