This has been a big week for FuRyu, as they’ve lifted the curtain on Trinity Trigger, their new action RPG. The game went from being a teased title to getting a full reveal, and that includes a massive developer interview in the latest issue of Famitsu.

Famitsu had a chance to dig deep into the creation of Trinity Trigger by talking with Composer Kikuta Hiroki, Scenario Planner Kubota Yuura, Director Isobe Takumi, and Character Designer Kazama Raita. It covers development changes, core goals, music creation, and much more. You can see a summary of the details discussed below, as translated by Robert Sephazon.

  • the game started development at the beginning of 2019
  • the aim was to create a more traditional RPG
  • the narrative is traditional at the beginning of the story, but gradually develops into something more
  • the world is set in the ruins of an ancient god battle
  • weapons that gods used when fighting in the past are embedded in the world
  • the soundtrack was partially composed before the game had visuals
  • there are roughly 70 songs in the game
  • the main theme and the battle theme were created first
  • the game is being developed with “the joy of discovering” as a major pillar
  • in battle, players can freely switch between eight types of weapons
  • you can discover the weaknesses of enemies by using various weapons
  • the game is filled with hidden secrets, treasure chests, and rare enemies
  • you can discover suspicious information through overhearing conversations between residents
  • the three main characters, Xantice, Cyan and Elise, changed a lot during development
  • Xantice had the most tweaks, particularly with armor
  • Elise’s personality was changed after the first illustration was completed
  • local multiplayer was part of the plan from the beginning

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