The latest episode of the Kiwi Talkz podcast features an interview with Retro Studios artist Eric Kozlowsky. Eric shares a number of details on hi time at the company when he worked on Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. You can see notes from the interview below.

  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze was Retro’s first HD game
  • to establish the game’s HD style, the team focused on DKC:TF’s mangrove area first
  • the artists spent 1 month working on a single level
  • crunch later in development led to one level being completed in two weeks
  • the art team has plenty of ideas they want to do, but Nintendo has final say
  • Retro laughs as the ‘stupid rumors’ that go around, but doesn’t like htat they create false expectations

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2y ago

Their first and only hd game so far and is stunningly beutiful and impressive, lets hope mp4 blow our minds


2y ago

I can't even tell which level was done in just 2 weeks. Impressive.


2y ago

A studio thats never made a bad game! They've all been ranging from spectacular to all-time great status. Really hoping mp4 continues the trend.


2y ago


Couple of typos in the last point (as should be at, misspelled 'that')


2y ago

What happened to Retro Studios? They were so prolific in the 2000s and started off the 2010s right, then dropped off the map. Only vaporware and rumors ever since. It’s been nearly a decade since their last output. We should have had three retail releases in that time. I wonder if they had an exodus of talent like Rare did.