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Samurai bringing a but of fixes

29 May 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

A new update is available for Samurai Bringer. While we don’t know the version number of this update, we do have full details on what it includes. You can see the entire update announcement and patch notes below.

We’ve released an update, including a new keyconfig additions as well as a bunch of various bug fixes.

To take care of key configurations for the Action Builder, select “Action Builder Settings” from “Config” on the title screen, and from there you’ll be able to assign commands to each button. Action buttons 4 and 5 are designated as “Heavy Attack” and “Special Attack,” but that’s just what we call them, so do feel free to set the keys up in whatever way is easiest for you to use. Once you’ve finished these settings, they will be reflected in the Action Builder after you’ve equipped Brave General armaments at your home base.

Additionally, below are some of the issues/features that have been fixed or added.


  • feature added for the changing of initial placement of combat techniques for Susanoo/Brave Generals in the Action Builder: See above for details
  • feature added allowing for the map direction to be fixed: This can be configured via “OPTIONS.” Setting this will keep the map and mini map fixed pointing north.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug preventing SFX volume adjustment for some combat techniques
  • Fixed bug stopping progress after defeating the Yuki Onna while frozen
  • Fixed bug stopping progress when Susanoo and Great Demon attacks land simultaneously
  • Fixed bug preventing warping to proper location
  • Fixed bug occurring when building Susanoo’s armaments at the blacksmith
  • Fixed bug preventing summoning of Secret Scrolls even with the required number of Combat Scrolls
  • Fixed bug in the Yamata-no-Orochi battle causing revival and preventing progress after falling with 0 HP: Due to current specs, the character must fall to the ground in order to be revived.
  • Fixed bugs in Tutorial
  • Fixed mistranslations in the blacksmith armament filter UI
  • Fixed bug stopping progress when using sub weapon to attack the moment a Great Demon appears
  • Fixed bug sometimes preventing exit when not having enough coins at the blacksmith
  • Fixed bug with soft lock occurring after entering a store with a status ailment: Changed specs to remove the status ailment when entering stores.
  • Changed “Light Vortex” initial setting in Options to “Button”
  • Adjusted purple warp zone specs and gravitational pull: Now easier to escape from warp zones
  • Slight adjustment to Brave General appearance algorithm: Now less chance of being immediately killed by an over-buffed Brave General right after starting the game (Note: they do still appear sometimes).
  • Added invincibility frames when being revived after falling through the floor during the Yamata-na-Orochi battle
  • Fixed bug causing Susanoo to enter shops or torii gates upon hitting 0 HP
  • Fixed config bugs
  • Fixed bug in “Like a Ninja” achievement unlock conditions: Was previously only counted when using Dual Swords: now counted when using one hand as well. As for the weapons themselves, attacks must be done with weapons other than Ninja Swords
  • Fixed bug sometimes preventing progress in the Dojo Tutorial
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