Splatoon’s Squid Research Lab is back once again with another update on Splatoon 3. In their latest tweet, we get to check out some more screens for Splatoon 3’s story mode, called Return of the Mammalians.

In these images, we get to see several mysterious structures in the space known as Alterna. These structures aren’t complete, making them tough for the Squid Research Lab to identify. That’s why they’re turning to the internet for help! The Squid Research Lab wants to know if you guys can figure out what’s going on in these screens.

The one thing all fans seem to be locking onto is the possibility that Agent 3 is actually an Octoling. In particular, the hairstyle is tipping Splatoon fans off. This is just speculation for now, but an interesting point of discussion nonetheless!

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2y ago

The ears look wrong for an Octoling, unless they started cross breeding....

It's weird they haven't done what they did for Splatoon 2 where they had updates on Callie missing and expanded the story on the web site. They did the same with Luigi's Mansion 3.


2y ago

Agent 3 was the player character in the first Splatoon. They were called Agent 4 in Splatoon 2, and Agent 8 in the Octo Expansion. All are different characters in the story, and the one in Splatoon 3 will likely be called something else.

We've already seen you can customize yourself as an Octoling from the beginning in this game, so it's no surprise you can play as one in the campaign.