The Power Glove will forever be remembered by older Nintendo fans as a device that looked absolutely badass, but made playing games a chore. Many were suckered in by the advertising back in the day, including the Power Glove’s appearance in The Wizard. Unfortunately, actually using the accessory was an exercise in frustration.

Even with its lamented legacy, there are still Nintendo fans out there who appreciate the Power Glove for what it tried to do. One such person is Niles, who decided to give the Power Glove some love in 2022 with a rather interesting Switch experiment.

In the video above, Niles aims to connect the Power Glove to a Switch, and then use it’s very rudimentary motion-sensing capabilities to control the RC car in Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit. As you might expect, it’s not exactly the best way to drive that kart, but it’s still interesting to see in action! This is definitely something you’ll want to watch rather than try out yourself!

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2y ago

No thank you! lol. As bad as it was, the first time I tried it with Super Glove Ball (which it works pretty well with) I was amazed how the glove controlled towards and away from the screen movement with the 3D field it created in front of the TV with the sensors.