Paladins getting a RWBY crossover

The latest mash-up revealed

31 May 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 0

The next crossover event for Paladins has been revealed, and it’s a tie-in with the acclaimed animated series, RWBY.

Six characters from the RWBY series will be appearing as skins in Paladins sometime in June 2022, and the lineup is as follows:

  • Blake Belladonna as Saati
  • Weiss Schnee as Furia
  • Yang Xiao as Long Imani
  • Ruby Rose as Vora
  • Qrow as Corvus
  • Salme as Seris

These first 4 skins will be part of the Crossover Pass, while players can unlock Qrow and Salem in a chest as well as in direct purchase. Some characters are voiced by original actresses, and the event will also feature a dozen cosmetic items referencing the RWBY universe.

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