Doublequote Studio has announced that HeistGeist, their story-driven RPG set in a cyberpunk version of Central Europe, is heading to Switch sometime in 2023. In HeistGeist, you’ll play as Alexandra, a double-crossed street-smart thief on the run after a job gone bad. Put together a team of specialists, execute highly elaborate heists, fight in card-based battles and hack into the most secure corporate systems.

Plan highly sophisticated heists for super secret prototypes or classified corporate intel, but be prepared that even the best laid plans can sometimes get messy. Adapt to change, make the right choices, stay alive and most of all, get the job done. If stealth is not an option, fight guards and automated security systems in tactical card-based battles. Find your own playstyle, build your deck, upgrade your cards and unleash powerful combinations on your enemies.

Hack into the most secure corporate systems in our reimagination of cyberspace net running with a special card-based hacking mechanics. Break through strong barriers, dodge deadly ICEs and run powerful programs and viruses all to get to data storages full of valuable data.

There’s no word on pricing or file size for HeistGeist yet, and with the game not set to release until 2023, it’ll likely be some time until we get that info. We’ll bring you any new details that crop up as the months roll on.


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