Disney Dreamlight Valley is looking to be the ultimate experience for fans of Disney, Animal Crossing, and Stardew Valley. The game brings together multiple Disney worlds to create an experience that’s sure to suck up hours of your life, all while providing tons of customization and exploration options.

If you’ve been eager to learn more about this life-sim/adventure game, GamesRadar has put together a massive feature that shares new details and insight. We’ve gathered up all the pertinent tidbits below in bullet point form.

  • Dreamlight Valley’s ruler has gone MIA and the kingdom was plunged into darkness
  • the kingdom’s inhabitants lost their memories
  • dangerous-looking plant life started to appear soon thereafter
  • Merlin works with you on your quest to set things right
  • you help Merlin recover from amnesia, and gifts you a set of enchanted tools
  • the tools include a pickaxe, a shovel, a watering can
  • Merlin also gifts you a house that you can decorate
  • your pickaxe can be used for mining
  • wildlife like rabbits can be tamed to be your companions
  • each different biome has new ingredients and resources for you to cook and craft with
  • there are beaches, forests, Frozen-inspired landscapes, savannahs of the Lion King, ect.
  • each NPC has their own behavior and schedule
  • each character has their own house, and they all have their own individual arc
  • to learn more about them, you’ll need to befriend them and build your relationship
  • Goofy loves fishing, so finding his lost rod furthers his story and teaches you how to fish
  • you can helpd Scrooge McDuck earn money with a store
  • to befriend Mickey you need to help him find Minnie, and take care of his village
  • you can buy characters gifts to build a relationship as well
  • cooking is a great way to increase your friendships as well
  • you can cook at your home, other characters’ homes, or Remy’ restaurant
  • the Dream Castle is filled with doors that that give you access to different realms
  • doors seen so far include Wall-E, Ratatouille, and Moana’s ocean
  • you’ll help Wall-E fix his movement tracks
  • there are over 1,000 (and counting) decoration items
  • move around trees and buildings
  • create your avatar with more than 17 different “points of customization”
  • voice acting is performed by the original actors or Disney-approved replacements
  • your adventuring is limited by your energy, similar to Stardew Valley
  • the in-game currency is Star Coin, unlocked with gameplay
  • you can’t buy more Star Coin with real money
  • the game will feature some “cosmetic or paid game extensions”
  • there is no way to accelerate gameplay with real money
  • the more actions you do, the more tired you become
  • at one point you need to go back to your house to rest or eat something to gain energy
  • the higher your level, the bigger the maximum energy is,
  • there is no way to spend money to refresh your energy or increase your energy

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