The Pokémon TV app is constantly being updated with new content, and another big wave is set for release on Friday. This group of episodes will be of particular interest to Pokémon Advanced fans!

Ash and Pikachu continue their Pokémon journey and take their first steps into the Hoenn region when Pokémon Advanced, the sixth season of Pokémon the Series. Although our heroes must say farewell to some of their old friends as they depart Johto, they’re not on their own for long. Ash and Pikachu soon meet up with May, a Trainer just starting her own Pokémon adventure, along with May’s little brother, the plucky Max. And hey—Ash’s old pal Brock even returns for the journey through this new region! Together, the group faces all sorts of new challenges and discovers new Pokémon, and while Ash is training to take on Gym Leaders, May dives into the competitive world of Pokémon Contests.

Again, this series of Pokémon Advanced episodes gets added to Pokémon TV on Friday, June 3rd, 2022. You’ll be able to watch through the Pokémon TV web portal or streaming app.

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