ARK: Survival Evolved came to Switch back in 2018, and at that time, it was a rather surprising port to see. Unfortunately, the game didn’t see many of the updates it needed due to a sticky situation between the multiple teams involved, but it looks like the ARK brand might get a second chance to show what it’s capable of on Switch.

Studio Wildcard revealed ARK 2 back in 2020, and the game was revealed as an Xbox-exclusive. Now we’re hearing that the exclusivity deal is a timed one, which paves the way for releases on other platforms. This information supposedly comes from Studio Wildcard’s CEO, Doug Kennedy.

Kennedy apparently took things even further by saying that “at some point you can expect Switch and PlayStation” versions of the game. This is the first we’ve heard of a Switch version being considered, but it’s certainly great to see that support. Of course, now the only question we have is just how long is the Xbox exclusivity?

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It's also fine to remember that the 1st game is going to receive a complete overhaul: