The Game Boy was a somewhat technically humble device even back when it launched, but it was mighty impressive seeing NES-like graphics in a portable device. Nowadays, the Game Boy’s tech is downright archaic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some amazing visuals out of the device. You just have to know how to work within its limits.

The ‘Memory Limits’ exhibition aims to showcase the power of legacy platforms, Game Boy included. This event gathered a bunch of pixel artists who were ready to push older platforms to their limits, and Klas Benjaminsson was tasked with squeezing every last pixel he could out of the Game Boy.

As you can see, Benjaminsson was more than up to the task! He created four different scenes that took the Game Boy’s many limits and turned them into strengths. The Game Boy was capable of displaying just four different ‘colors’ via its tiny screen, yet the work Benjaminsson doesn’t seem hindered by the limitations one bit.

Best of all, these pieces of art perfectly adhere to the Game Boy’s restrictions. They wouldn’t look quite as sharp when viewed through an actual Game Boy screen, but there’s no doubt they’d still be extremely impressive.

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