Switch is the current market-leader in China

China shows Nintendo some love

31 May 2022
by rawmeatcowboy 1

The traditional gaming market in China might be small right now, but the room for growth is enormous. There are millions upon millions of gamers in China, but they are PC and mobile. Nintendo and other hardware manufacturers are trying to crack into that gaming market, and it seems Nintendo has had the most success so far.

Niko Partner’s 2022 China Console Games Market Report just came out, and it says that the total revenue from console hardware and software sales for 2021 hit $2.16 billion, up nearly 17% year-over-year. It’s important to note this totally includes both legally released hardware and software as well as grey market sales, which have been extremely popular in the region for decades. To put things into perspective, Niko Partners believes that 80% of console revenues in China come from grey market sales.

As for what hardware manufacturer is making the most headway, it’s Nintendo. Niko Partners says the Switch is the current market-leading platform in China, but did note that PS5 and Xbox Series X S were “key drivers of growth” last year.

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2y ago

I pray Nintendo doesn't get too cozy with China. You can't change that place, they can only corrupt you.